tell|tale «TEHL TAYL», noun, adjective.
1. a person who tells tales on others; person who reveals private or secret matters from malice. SYNONYM(S): talebearer, tattler.
2. Figurative. a warning sign; indication.
3. any one of various indicators or recording instruments, such as a time clock.
4. Music. an indicator of the pressure of the air supply to an organ.
5. a row of ribbons hung over a track before a tunnel, bridge, or other low structure, to warn trainmen off the roofs of cars.
6. Nautical. a device above deck to indicate the rudder's position.
7. (in squash and racquets) a metal strip across the front wall of the court that may not be hit with the ball. The squash telltale is 17 inches high, the racquets telltale 27.
1. telling what is not supposed to be told; revealing: »

a telltale fingerprint.

2. showing, signaling, or warning of something.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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